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About Us:

Doris Accounting & Tax Services Corp is managed by Doris Polanco, an accountant and Enrolled Agent with more than 17 years with experience. We had been providing Accounting and Tax Services in Miami for many years. Assisting Individuals and Corporation. From Sales and Used Tax preparation to handling Payroll, we have seen and done it all with a great amount of success.

At Doris Accounting & Tax, our first priority is the satisfaction of our customers. We know how much the role of money and income play in everybody’s life; this is why we take great care to handle each and every one of our accounts with great attention to detail, ensuring that our clients understand exactly what we are doing to keep them inform.

With our clients, we always take the time to tell each and every one of them their best options, and let them decide how they would prefer us to handle their account. In the Accounting world, being able to make informed decisions is of the utmost importance.

Doris is an Accountant, yes, but she is also an individual who has to deal with what most other individuals do. She pays taxes, make investments, and plan for the future as all of you do.

Besides Accounting our firm specializes in Individual and Corporate Taxation. We are Enroll Agent, Enrolled to practice before the IRS, qualify to represent our Corporate and individual clients with their tax problem with the IRS.

We have all kind of qualifications to prepared taxes. Besides, Taxes and Accounting, our office offer the services of completing Immigration forms, family petitions, Citizenship Applications, Affidavit of support, Notary Public Service.